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The Halal Standard of Excellence

Halal Certifier in the Philippines

Halal Certifying Body in the Philippines

Get your product halal certified with us today! We can help you get your product certified quickly and easily. Our halal certification process is rigorous and thorough, and we only certify products that meet the highest standards of halal compliance.

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Philippine Ulama Congress Org., Inc. (PUCOI) is a religious, non-government, non-stock, and non-profit organization duly registered with SEC registry no. CN200520263. Submission of the following documents, whichever is applicable:


Philippine Ulama Congress Organization, Incorporated

HALAL in general term means permitted, allowed, authorized, approved, sanctioned, lawful, legal, legitimate or licit. (See also other reference)

  • Increase in Muslim Population
  • Increase in Demand for Halal
    products even in Non-Muslim
  • Increased awareness in the
    availability, quality and integrity
    of Halal Products
  • Increase in no. of certifiers to
    ensure quality and integrity of
    Halal products in the market
  • Emergence of new categories
    for Halal certified products and
  • Globalization and integration
    of markets (GCC, AEC, EU, etc.)
  • Growth in E-commerce –
    internet platform marketing

Our Basic Procedures:

  2. AUDIT

Scope of Halal Certification:

  • Food Products / Beverages /
    Food Supplements
  • Food Premises / Hotels /
  • Cosmetics and Personal Health
    Care Products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Farm Systems Includes
    Agricultural Inputs and Feeds
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Logistics
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