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The Philippine Ulama Congress Organization, Inc. (PUCOI) STRONGLY CONDEMNS the terrorist attack perpetrated last Jumuah, (Friday, 15 March 2019) by the four gunmen against our Muslim brothers and sisters in Christchurch, New Zealand.  

It is also with a grieving heart that we, the Muslims in the Philippines, extend our condolences to the families of our 49 Muslim brothers and sisters, with the 3-year old helpless innocent boy included, who lost their lives in this carnage. This barbaric act calls for the strongest possible condemnation, especially so that this was a well-planned murderous “slaughter by appointment” committed on a solemn Jumuah prayer of defenseless Muslims.     

This is indeed one of the darkest days for New Zealand, for the Muslims and for the whole humanity. This brutal massacre definitely has no place anywhere in the world. It is an act which cannot be tolerated by any religion and by any group. This must therefore be denounced by all nations without exception.  

And while we mourn for our Muslim brothers and sisters in these trying times, we also STAND with them as ONE FAMILY and as ONE UMMAH. The gunmen and their allies may have hoped to instill fear in us in going to the mosques and in performing our religious duties. But in that hope, they have failed and in that failure, they have failed miserably. For in our faith, we shall not fear and we shall not waver. They will still see us, without fear and without falter, going to our mosques not only on a Friday but also on every single day of the year. They will still see us, without the slightest sign of intimidation or pressure, spreading the peace that our religion has taught us in all corners of the earth. They will still see us, without the slightest hesitation, helping anyone in need as our Prophet has commanded us—to the Muslims and non-Muslims alike. They will still see us, without fear or favor, denouncing this kind of barbaric act and teaching in its stead this Quranic verse:

“Whoever kills an innocent soul, it is as if he has killed the entire humanity and whoever saves an innocent soul, it is as if he has saved the entire humanity.” (Quran, Chapter 5: Verse 32)

Yes, they will still see us, despite this heartbreaking tragedy, growing bigger and coming back stronger as Muslims abiding by the religion of peace.

Finally, let them know that with the death of the 49 Muslims come the birth of a thousand more Muslims. They have only fanned the flames of faith in our hearts and they have only tightened the bond that binds all Muslims as one brotherhood. And most importantly, with their cowardly act, they have only affirmed our belief in God’s words:

“They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.” (Quran, Chapter 61: Verse 8)

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